Hi, it me!

I’m a gamer boy becoming a Linux beard. I’m kinda lost in life in general, but I’m pretty sure I love techy stuff and nature.

My life's pretty mundane and uneventful

Here’s where you can find out more about it

  • Blog

    Bits and pieces of my personal life. Also some techy projects I might embark on. blog.jonossaseuraava.net

  • Videos

    I need the energy and the time to setup my Peertube instance. But at the mean time there might or might not be some ramblings at youtube

  • Code stuff

    TBA. Although I pretty much don’t write any code these days but maybe I’ll put my dotfiles in a repo somewhere some time in the future.

Stuff that I host

At the moment there’s only a teamspeak server at seponsaunailta.jonossaseuraava.net besides this site and the blog. At some point I’d like to host some game servers and a Peertube instance.

Find me elsewhere online